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Feb 28

Innovative product launch that is good for both boats and the environment

Award winning marine distributor Starboard Locker has launched an exclusive new product that aims to protect both boats and the environment.

The company has recently worked with a major manufacturer to develop the Bilge Buddy brand of spill containment and absorbent products. This range is specifically built with boat owners in mind for keeping bilges and bilge water free from oil and fuel spills as well as dealing with any fuel spill that may occur when people are refueling tanks or generators.

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Starboard Locker, Ian Lofthouse, said: “In these days of increasing environmental awareness and controls it is essential that we all do what we can to prevent damaging the environment while enjoying our past times responsibly.

“This is particularly true when boating. Any boat with an engine has the potential to damage the environment with fuel, engine or hydraulic oil and even coolant leaks. Every responsible boat owner should carry the basic kit to be able prevent and clean up after any spills or leaks. The Bilge Buddy Range will make sure that you are prepared for this eventuality.”

Come and see Starboard Locker at the Western Boat Show on stand no. H9

t: 0161 641 8604



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